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Dear Race fan,

We would like to welcome you to our website, which we have started with the goal to ask for more attention to the role of marshals on racetracks all over the world.

It seems all too often that there are still people who do not know what the role of a Marshal is. While this is one of the main features at a modern circuit. Without marshals no racing!

The work of a Marshal does not stop only with the flags, because we do more. Eg. provide intervention in a crash, or keep spectators at a safe distance, keep our track section clean, and so on. As a team we mostly work with 8 people. They will be divided into pairs and then you have for example one team at the flags, two teams intervention alongside of the track, one radioman and support team (team captain and deputy team chief).

Of course this work is not without dangers. In the end we still have to work with high speeds . Therefore a sound mind is expected of each team member, as we should be responsible for ourselves, and our fellow marshals. This can be in a situation where there are intervention teams working on the track. The people on the side will then need to look out for them and warn them.

We as a team VDHB are mainly present at the circuit of Zolder, occasionally we will do races at Spa-Francorchamps.

Under the heading "Seen on post" you can regularly read a brief account of the events that have occurred. During race weekends in Team VDHB anything and everything can happen. We really mean anything! "Racing VDHB" is a completely different story, as lovers of speed we ourselves occasionally try to feel the "Speed​​" of race drivers.

Becoming interested? You can always sign up as prospective Marshal (apprentice or trainee) and then there is a period of training on the track. So no boring books, but on the job training and assisted by a whole team of experts. At the end of your internship year you should be able to pass an examination and get your C license, only then you will be qualified as a marshal in Belgium. Of course you can always go further by also reaching a B license and you might even need to pass an A license but then you'll need to have a lot of experience and a good understanding of the entire marshal role. As you cab see, marsahlling is an undervalued but certainly a very varied JOB.

Finally, we hope that you will appreciate our site and we wish you lots of fun on our site.